In the Mood

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Much more than a concert, IN THE MOOD presents a retro 1940's musical featuring the IN THE MOOD Singers and Dancers with the sensational String of Pearls Big Band Orchestra. The music and the arrangements are as authentic as it gets.

"A great success on our Broadway series"
- Luanne Franklin, Executive Director, Broadway at the Opera House, Lexington, KY

"After having IN THE MOOD we don't think we could ever just have a big band again." - Steve Davis, Stevens Center, Winston-Salem, NC

"Mobbed by an outpouring of fans of the swing era, 500 people had to be turned away and hundreds more had swamped the switchboard." - The Washington Post, Washington, DC

"A very enthusiastic and appreciative audience comprised the sold-out show; with all 1700 seats taken! Furthermore, the show's quality is world-class - from the musical arrangements and costumes to the lighting and choreography." - William Biddle, Executive Director, Ferguson Center for the Arts, Newport News, VA

"The show sold out extremely quickly and I could have easily sold another show as well. The performance was phenomenal and you would not believe how many people have requested that we bring you back. I can't remember an evening in which the patrons left as happy as they did the evening that you performed." - William R. Wood, Dir. Interlochen Arts Festival, Interlochen, MI

"The costumes, the choreography and the music arrangements are as authentic as it gets. We would highly recommend this show to any venue looking for a big band show." - Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA



The Jive Aces

The UK's No. 1 jive and swing band


"Easily one of the best hot, young swing bands from Europe
that's taking America by storm!"
- Swingtime Magazine

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The New Shanghai CircusNEW SHANGHAI CIRCUS

Unbelievable!! Incredible!!!

Tour Dates: 
January - March 2012
January - March 2013

The Shanghai Circus - ContortionistAstonishing athletes defy gravity and execute breathtaking feats as they stretch the limits of human ability in this spellbinding show.  Fearless performers with boundless energy bring you more than two thousand years of Chinese circus traditions.  If it's humanly possible-and even if it's not! - Shanghai's acrobats, jugglers and contortionists do it with spectacular flair.

"Feats of circus art that reach literally The Shanghai Circus - Hoop Divingbreathtaking heights of skill...the New Shanghai Circus is providing entertainment in abundance" 
- The New York Times

"Everyone was delighted with the skill poise, charm and flourish...a very entertaining show...2,000 kids and their parents assembled for the Boston debut of the New Shanghai Circus" 
- The Boston Globe

"the talents of the Shanghai acrobats are beyond these acrobats and be stunned and thrilled."The Shanghai Circus - Peacock Bicycle   - The Kansas City Star

"Show-stopping rarities of daunting difficulty" -Los Angeles Times

  - CBS News

The Incredible Acrobats of China are simply that - incredible! This talented troupe, just off a sold out highly acclaimed Broadway tour continues to WOW audiences of all ages.

The show is a beautifully orchestrated presentation of Chinese circus acts dating back to harvest festivals of 2000 years ago.  This modern day performance is enhanced by fabulous choreography, amazing lighting, enchanting scenery, and powerful music.

Audience members are enthralled by astounding contortionists, masterful acrobats, and clever comedians. They see feats ofThe Shanghai Circus - Chair Stack incredible skill and imagination. They gasp at many of  the gravity-defying feats and applaud at the super-human displays of power and extraordinary grace.

Ladies and Gentlemen, New Acts of Derring-Do

"Feats of circus art that reach literally breathtaking heights of skill are among the pleasures awaiting the children and adults lucky enough to make their way o the New Victory Theater, where the New The Shanghai Circus - Dragon Dance Shanghai Circus is providing entertainment in abundance through May 23.

In acts that often trace their origin to the harvest festivals of more than 2,000 years ago, this youthful, handsome and graceful company spends a  swift two hours in a range of demanding performances, most of them typifying Chinese circus and constituting a refreshing alternative to the Western tradition.  Under the direction of Zhao Lizhi, the artistry, individually and collectively, The Shanghai Circus - Bench Balancingattains levels that make it seem almost unfair to single out any act, from jugglers to the comic knife throwers and the bicyclist who finishes by piling about 10 of his colleagues aboard his vehicle.

Fans of circus of any sort are bound to appreciate the young women spinning six plates at a time atop sticks, while one of their number goes through amazing contortions without ever dropping a dish.  And what about the woman who stacks chair atop chair on a fragile foundation of four vases atop a table, and makes her way acrobatically to the pinnacle of this rickety structure?  Or the young man who juggles a huge jar, usually using only his back or The Shanghai Circus - Jar Juggling shoulders, and catching it on edge atop his head? Or the young man who builds an absolutely ungainly structure of more than 20 wooden benches and balances them on his head? What is the secret of the young woman who manages to lie horizontally with no apparent support but the point of a sword placed against the back of her neck?

And let no one overlook an actThe Shanghai Circus - Nose Balance called the nose balance, on which a young woman balances a glass of water on her nose, covers it with a glass plate, adds four small glasses, covers them with a plate and proceeds to build a lofty, glassy structure before beginning a series of acrobatic moves and then walking across a bridge of light bulbs.

Confronted by feats like this, onlookers can catch their breath while witnessing a very funny knife-throwing act and soothing eye and ear with the consistently artful costumes, atmospheric lighting and music."  - The New York Times




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Opera A La Carte, The Mikado and The GondoliersOpera A La Carte
Gilbert & Sullivan

Founded in 1970 by noted British Gilbert and Sullivan expert Richard Sheldon, acclaimed as "the number one Savoyard now living in America," Opera A La Carte has enjoyed a rapid rise to fame. Known for the authentic style of its productions, the outstanding caliber of its artists and high production standards, Opera A La Carte is constantly winning new audiences and earning recognition as the foremost Gilbert and Sullivan touring repertory company in the country.

"...Opera A La Carte, inheritors of the spirit."
Los Angeles Herald Examiner

The Mikado

"The Mikado as it ought to be"
 Daily News, Los Angeles

The Mikado"British G&S specialist Richard Sheldon and his Opera A La Carte staged a brisk, bright and witty production. It was a Mikado that could reign on anybody's stage." Des Moines RegisterThe Mikado


"A first-rate professional performance, full of humor, beautiful music and sharp theatricality. It is hard to tell where to start the acclaim in this company"
Star News Pasadena, CA

"It was without qualification the most enjoyable Mikado in all my years of The MikadoGilbert and Sullivan worship... Characterizations were superb." The Telegraph Nashua, NH

"The timing of the production was outstanding" Oskhosh Northwestern Oskosh, WI

"Director Richard Sheldon brought a brilliant production of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado to an overflow crown... A cast unusually even in excellence." Santa Barbara News-Press

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The Gondoliers

"Gondoliers gives L.A. a magical ride."
Los Angeles Herald Examiner

"Marvelous Gondoliers, done straight as written - and done with great comedic high style" Los Angeles Herald Examiner

The GondoliersThe GondoliersThe Gondoliers

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Rock Pop Doo Wop, Decades of Solid Gold Artists

Now Booking

Decades of
Solid Gold Artists
as seen on PBS!

Rock Pop Doo Wop
Produced by Richard Nader Entertainment

Sample Packages

THE DRIFTERS featuring CHARLIE THOMAS "Save the Last Dance For Me" "Under the Boardwalk" GENE CHANDLER "The Duke of Earl" "Groovy Situation" JAY SIEGEL and THE TOKENS "He's So Fine" "One Fine Day" with JAY TRAYNOR original lead JAY AND THE AMERICANS "She Cried"

BAY CITY ROLLERS featuring IAN MITCHELL "Saturday Night" "Money Honey" BADFINGER with JOEY MOLLAND "Come and Get It" "Go Now" TERRY SYLVESTER formerly of THE HOLLIES "Carrie Ann" "The Air That I Breathe" Former Monkee PETER TORK "Last Train to Clarksville" "Daydream Believer"

LOVIN' SPOONFUL "Summer In The City" "Daydream" THE COWSILLS "The Rain, The Park and Other Things" "Hair" The real life family behind the Partridge Family

GARY PUCKETT "Woman, Woman" "Young Girl" ROD DANTE lead singer of The Archies and The Cufflinks "Sugar, Sugar" "Tracy"

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The Big Band Broadcast

The Big Band Broadcast
Starring Holly Larocque and the Mark Ferguson Orchestra

“this show is one of those rare events where it’s a pleasure to be in the room with so many skilled artists thrilling a capacity house.”
~ James Wegg

“they are absolute pleasure”
~ Danny Gaisin



Electrifying Music, Rhythms and Dance

- The Leader Post

"SENSATIONAL" - Alan Solomon, Chicago Tribune

DRUM! is Nova Scotia's Newest Musical Production, Featuring Four Principal Cultures in a Heart-Pumping Spectacle of Music, Dance, Rhythm and Song.

The Men of the DeepsCBC Broadcast of the Canadian International Film Festival premier of
The film written and directed
by John Walker


North America's Only Coal Miners Choir

 A moving portrait of a group of miners and former miners gathered together by their love of song... the hauntingly beautiful voices of the choir... it captures the grace and dignity of the men... their voices inspire and uplift...

“The harmonies of the chorus are almost enough to call forth tears... may your lamps never go dim.” - Naomi de Bruyn

“...Under the direction of Jack O'Donnell, the rich, robust and earthy voices of The Men continued with numbers like Gordon Lightfoot's “Sweet Guinevere” and the finger-clicking crowd pleasers like “Sixteen Tons”... To The Men of the Deeps - we welcome your return.” - June Heywood, Mining the Soul Tour

“Among the Canadian films, however, truly the most moving was “Men of the Deeps” - Montreal-born director John Walker has composed a masterful portrait of the men... Walker intercuts the choir's stirring performances with interviews and footage of miners underground. They tell funny and terrifying stories...” - Macleans Magazine, CA

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The Irish Sopranos

The Irish Sopranos
Ireland's Hottest Trio

Among the most popular acts in Ireland

"The blend of these three soaring treble voices would melt even the hardest heart."

With a repertoire including music from the classical, operatic, music-theatre, Irish and popular genres, the Irish Sopranos have wide audience appeal.


by Arthur Marx & Robert Fisher

Directed by and Starring

"It must be every famous person's secret dream to be eulogized as splendidly as Gabe Kaplan has done for the great Groucho Marx in 'Groucho' "

"...a hilarious new show...
Kaplan pulls off a tour de force..."

- The Boston Globe

"We are still allowed to sample the genius which made Groucho Marx one of the classic funny men of all time."

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Las Vegas Tribute To Motown

Hear the songs, FEEL the magic
of Motown memories...

Forget reality and celebrate the
60's 70's & 80's.  Let yourself go on
down through the years with Motown's magical music brought to life on your
stage with the talent of this wonderful cast.

Sit back - and enjoy the trip of this memorable tribute to the stars
and music of Motown!

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The Legends of
Rock N' Roll

Designed For Performing Arts Centers

Elvis, Orbison and Holly
The Show They Never Gave

Live Bill Haley style back-up band
and singers/dancers

An Incredible "Live" musical tribute to the
 greatest Rock n' Roll performers of all time!

As seen in Canada, USA, Australia,
UK, South Africa and Asia


The Legends of Rock'N'Roll

A Tribute to
Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Richard
Fats Domino

The Rock'n'Roll

Book Now For Your 2010 Season

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Terry Evanswood

Star of Magic

"Enter the Terry Evanswood world of illusions, where reality and fantasy embrace." - Chicago Tribune

"...Throughout the ages, magical entertainers have lifted the human spirit with arts of wonder and delight...Evanswood excels in this great tradition." - American Museum of Magic

"Evanswood has audience in the palm of his hand"

     "What a great time kids had with St. Charles' own young, first-rate magician, Evanswood, on Saturday.  Terry Evanswood continues to mature and grow.  His interaction with the children was electrifying.

     He knows how to handle his audiences well - with much humor, grace and never embarrassing them.

     Personable from the start of his adult career, Evanswood continues to gain polish and professionalism.  He'll be a big, big name soon.

     He knows how to milk every slight of hand for all it's worth without becoming tiresome.  His cute blonde assistant is a big help too.  Given a Vanna White type role - no voice, just lots of personality, this young lady plays the part to perfection, adding energy to the act, but doing it without being hammy.

     Her stage presence is natural, electric, but never overshadowing the star.

     It was exciting to see children and adults become so willingly involved in the show.  That is, of course, no accident.  It's the talent of Terry Evanswood."

- Kane County Chronicle

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Nunsense RECENT
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
The Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble Holiday Spectacular on Ice Same Time, Next Year
Pump Boys and Dinettes Anything Goes The Sunshine Boys